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The Disciplines Of Execution

I have been taught to be a planner, all my life l had this notion that when you plan your every step and remain organized about life you are already a step closer to being successful. What the books say and what society says is somewhat contradictory. In the modern-day, planning and being...


7 Secrets to Cultivate Grit

The key to success lies in pursuing long-term goals and seeing them through to completion. This means that you need to view your life as a marathon rather than a series of 2-minute sprints. You need to have the big picture in mind. Of course, short- term goals will propel you towards...


4 Ways You Can Regain Your Motivation

Embarking on a new business venture is one of the most energizing and exciting feelings in the world. You get fired up at the notion of being your own boss and can’t stop sharing your vision with everyone you meet. Unfortunately, for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs, stagnation sets in and...